Decision : CONF 208 X.A
Saltaire (United Kingdom)

Property: Saltaire

Id. N°: 1028

State Party: United Kingdom

Criteria: C (ii) (iv)

The Committee inscribed the Saltaire on the World Heritage List under criteria (ii) and (iv):

Criterion (ii): Saltaire is an outstanding and well preserved example of a mid 19th century industrial town, the layout of which was to exert a major influence on the development of the "garden city" movement.

Criterion (iv): The layout and architecture of Saltaire admirably reflect mid 19th century philanthropic paternalism, as well as the important role played by the textile industry in economic and social development.


Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
Properties: Saltaire
Year: 2001
Decision Code: CONF 208 X.A