Decision : 33 COM 7B.40
Pyrénées – Mont Perdu (France / Spain) (C/N 773 bis)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Document WHC-09/33.COM/7B,

2. Recalling Decision 32 COM 7B.42, adopted at its 32nd session (Quebec City, 2008),

3. Notes the actions taken by the State Party of France in relation to the increased support for agropastoralism but regrets the lack of strategy and clear links to conservation of the cultural landscape features;

4. Requests the two States Parties to establish, on a joint and mutually agreed basis, a management and monitoring body for the property, including national natural and cultural focal points for World Heritage;

5. Also requests both States Parties, through the joint management and monitoring body mentioned above, in cooperation with the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies to organize a transboundary workshop to draft a joint vision and management planning structure for the property as a whole, and to consider the finalization of the interim management plan for the property, as discussed during the July 2007 reactive monitoring mission to the property;

6. Also regrets that the State Party of France considers the Gavarnie Festival within the inscribed property should continue, despite the consideration by the World Heritage Committee that it represents an ascertained danger to the Outstanding Universal Value of the property, as defined by Paragraph 180 of the Operational Guidelines;

7. Strongly urges the State Party of France to take the necessary steps to relocate the Festival in line with its previous commitments and past decisions of the World Heritage Committee; as well as to close the upper section of the Troumouse road;

8. Further requests the States Parties to develop with the joint management and monitoring body in cooperation with the Advisory Bodies a draft Statement of Outstanding Universal Value by 1 February 2010;

9. Finally requests the States Parties to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 February 2010, a joint report on progress in addressing the above recommendations and including a detailed plan and schedule for the relocation of the Gavernie Festival or mitigation of all its negative impacts on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 34th session in 2010, with a view to consider, in the absence of substantial progress, the inscription of the property on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: France Spain
Year: 2009
Decision Code: 33 COM 7B.40