Decision : 32 COM 7B.37
Sangay National Park (Ecuador) (N 250)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Document WHC-08/32.COM/7B.Add,

2. Recalling Decision 31 COM 7B.40, adopted at its 31st session (Christchurch, 2007),

3. Regrets that the State Party did not submit its state of conservation report in one of the two languages of the Convention (French and English);

4. Commends the State Party for its implementation of the "Enhancing our Heritage" management effectiveness toolkit;

5. Urges the State Party to continue monitoring the impacts of the Highway of Guamote - Macas, particularly on the section within the property; in particular to monitor changes in vegetation, wildlife behaviour and any sign of ecoystem fragmentation and to develop and implement a recovery programme where vegetation has been affected;

6. Welcomes the clarification on boundaries, buffer zones and land tenure provided by the State Party; and notes that the area of the World Heritage property has not been reduced;

7. Requests the State Party to clarify the discrepancies in the maps provided between the boundaries of the World Heritage property and the northern part of the national park and to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 December 2008, clear maps in this regard, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 33rd session in 2009.

 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Ecuador
Properties: Sangay National Park
Year: 2008
Decision Code: 32 COM 7B.37