Decision : 30 COM 8B.58
Nominations of Cultural Properties to the World Heritage List (Agave Landscape and the Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-06/30.COM/8B and WHC-06/30.COM/INF.8B.1,

2. Inscribes the Agave Landscape and the Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila, Mexico, on the World Heritage List on the basis of criteria (ii), (iv), (v) and (vi):

Criterion (ii): The cultivation of agave and its distillation have produced a distinctive landscape within which are a collection of fine haciendas and distilleries that reflect both the fusion of pre-Hispanic traditions of fermenting mescal juice with the European distillation processes and of local and imported technologies, both European and American.

Criterion (iv): The collection of haciendas and distilleries, in many cases complete with their equipment and reflecting the growth of tequila distillation over the past two hundred and fifty years, are together an outstanding example of distinct architectural complexes which illustrate the fusion of technologies and cultures.

Criterion (v): The agave landscape exemplified the continuous link between ancient Mesoamerican culture of the agave and today, as well as the contours process of cultivation since the 17th century when large scale plantations were created and distilleries first started production of tequila. The overall landscape of fields, distilleries, haciendas and towns is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement and land-use which is representative of a specific culture that developed in Tequila.

Criterion (vi): The Tequila landscape has generated literary works, films, music, art and dance, all celebrating the links between Mexico and tequila and its heartland in Jalisco. The Tequila landscape is thus strongly associated with perceptions of cultural significances far beyond its boundaries.

3. Requests the State Party to reinforce objectives to improve the environmental integrity of the property;

4. Suggests that the involvement of all stakeholders could deliver benefits to local communities, and particularly farmers, through the traditional processes that have shaped the landscape;

5. Congratulates the State Party on documenting the collection of distilleries and setting in place plans for their conservation in situ;

6. Recommends that the State Party define buffer zones to protect against development immediately outside the boundaries;

7. Also recommends that increased attention be given to the interplay between nature and culture in the management plan and in the monitoring of the property.

Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Mexico
Year: 2006
Decision Code: 30 COM 8B.58