Decision : 30 COM 8B.34
Nominations of Cultural Properties to the World Heritage List (Harar Jugol, the fortified historic town)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-06/30.COM/8B and WHC-06/30.COM/INF.8B.1,

2. Inscribes Harar Jugol, the Fortified Historical Town, Ethiopia, on the World Heritage List on the basis of criteria (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v):

Criterion (ii): The historic town of Harar Jugol exhibits an important interchange of values of original Islamic culture, expressed in the social and cultural development of the city enclosed within the otherwise Christian region. Such influences have been merged with traditions that relate to the inland of Africa and particularly to southern Ethiopia, giving a particular characteristic form to its architecture and urban plan.

Criterion (iii): Harar Jugol bears exceptional testimony to cultural traditions related to Islamic and African roots. It is considered "the fourth holy city" of Islam, having been founded by a holy missionary from the Arabic Peninsula. Though a trading place and thus a melting pot of various influences, Harar has been in relative isolation in its region, contributing to a cultural specificity, expressed in its characteristic community structure and traditions, which are still alive.

Criterion (iv): Harar Jugol is an outstanding example of a type of architectural and urban ensemble which illustrates the impact of African and Islamic traditions on the development of specific building types. The building types and the entire urban layout reflect these traditions, which give a particular character and even uniqueness to Harar Jugol.

Criterion (v): Harar Jugol with its surrounding landscape is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, representative of cultural interaction with the environment. The social and spatial structure (afocha) and the language of the people all reflect a particular and even unique relationship that there developed with the environment. The cultural and physical relationships with the territory have survived till today, but they are also vulnerable to irreversible change under the impact of modern globalizing world.

3. Recommends that the name of the nominated property be changed into: "Harar Jugol, the fortified historic town";

4. Requests the State Party to inform the World Heritage Committee at its 31st session in 2007 on the completion of the Urban Master Plan revision.

Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Ethiopia
Year: 2006
Decision Code: 30 COM 8B.34