World Volunteers for World Heritage, Prambanan Patrimonito Workcamp (Indonesia)

Kemudo Village, Klaten Regency Central Java, Indonesia

location close to Heritage site (Prambanan Temple)

Du 9 au 23 august 2008


Volunteers from all over the world will discuss issues related to world heritage and cultural diversity while actively engaging in the preservation of World Heritage sites.

Several kinds of activities are foreseen during this project, all related to the World Heritage sites and linked to the values of common Human patrimony: a raising-awareness campaign toward the sites visitors, educational activities with children from a school close to one of the site, environmental actions in and around two of the Java island World Heritage sites: the exceptional Borobudur and Prambanan temples.

The workshops related to the project will introduce volunteers to the World Heritage Centre's activities and campaign, the history and dynamics of World Heritage ites worldwide. Guided visits to Borobudur and Prambanan (wich was recentrly highly damaged by an earthquake), will be organiwed in cooperation withe the site's management.


- render a symbolic dimension to heritage through debates and reflections

- contribute to the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage and improve accessibility and availability of information

- raise the awareness of the local population and create a sense of ownership and identification, promote cultural heritage between international volunteers and organisations

- contribute to the creation of a CCIVS/UNESCO educational kit about World Heritage and Non-Formal Education

Organisation responsible for the project

Dejavato Foundation - Indonesia

Local Partners

Kemudo Village

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Strategic objectives
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication