Ganghwa Dolmen Sites, World Heritage Workcamp (Rep. of Korea)

Kangwha County, Inchon, Republic of Korea

21 July-2 August 2008


There are hundreds of World Heritage sites inscribed by UNESCO. But while the most of the heritages are very attractive to our eyes and ears or even brain, some of the heritages do not look or sound charming. We think the dolmen heritage is one of them. That is why we would like to contribute for the promotion of the dolmen heritage through organizing the Patrimonito Workcamp related to the World Heritage, Dolmen Sites.

The volunteers will take part in various activities related to the promotion and preservation of the World Heritage in Ganghwa. During 2 weeks of the workcamp, the international volunteers will do the several activities for the local youth such as World Heritage Camp based on Non-formal education and working around the eritage site by making wooden fences and seminar on the heritage "Dolmen". Volunteers will also be sharing information about World Heritage sites in their own countries.


- Non-formal educational activities for a few days of summer camp for the local youth to raise awareness on their historical cultural surroundings and the importance of the preservation of the World Heritage.

- Repairs activities for the dolmen heritage sites like making wooden fences and clearing around the dolmen sites with the local youth.

- Seminar on "World Heritage, Ganghwa Dolmen" involving the public to raise the awareness.


- Raise the awareness of volunteers on World Heritage in Kora and raise the attention and participation in local residents

- Contribute to the preservation of the World Heritage site

Organisation responsible for the project

International Workcamp Organization (IWO)

Local partners

Kanghwa County, Dolmen Club

National Partners, elementary schools around the WH site

International partners

CCIVS, YAP, ALLIANCE, NVDA and other international partners (NGOs) in the world

Strategic objectives
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication