Panasonic Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products in the world, comprised of over 634 companies. The company has pledged that it will practice prudent, sustainable use of the earth's natural resources and work towards the protection of the environment. In honour of the company’s 100th anniversary, Panasonic is seeking recognition as a “Green Innovation Company” by 2018.

The partnership between Panasonic and the World Heritage Centre is two-fold -- promoting World Heritage and sustainable development through a global communication campaign and supporting educational activities of the World Heritage Centre. The partnership seeks to raise awareness about sustainable development worldwide, especially among young people, reaching out to the public via television and the press.

Under the “umbrella” of Panasonic Kids School, the company boasts a wide range of educational programmes for young people, giving pupils the opportunity to learn about climate change and protecting our planet in easy- to-understand and playful ways. For the Eco Picture Diary Contest, children are asked to write down and illustrate the actions they have taken during the day to protect their environment, and tell how they propose to do even more. As part of the global Eco Learning Programme, children visit selected World Heritage sites to appreciate them first-hand.

Panasonic’s sponsorship of The World Heritage Special, aired on the National Geographic Channel, has brought awareness of World Heritage into homes and schools in 183 countries. A series of television commercials aired worldwide and related to the company's Green Plan 2018 features World Heritage sites and highlights the need to preserve them.

“The partnership between UNESCO and Panasonic is
a partnership for change, a partnership for a better future.”

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO