n°15 - December 2005
Caribbean Wooden Treasures

Table of contents

Proceedings of the Thematic Expert Meeting on Wooden Urban Heritage in the Caribbean Region

  • Foreword Francesco Bandarin, Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre
  • Introduction and Summary Report of Expert Meeting (with Declaration of Georgetown)
    Ron van Oers, Chief of Unit a.i. for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Map of the Caribbean Region as defined by UNESCO
  • Papers on Context
    • The growing World Heritage tourism market: a major challenge for conservation management
      Bernd von Droste zu Hülshoff
    • Caribbean heritage: its uses and economic potential
      Lennox Honychurch
    • Wooden Caribbean cities as World Heritage: outline for a comparative analysis
      between Paramaribo (Suriname) and Georgetown (Guyana) Ron van Oers
    • Thematic application: Caribbean wooden urban heritage
      Patricia E. Green
  • Papers on Case Studies
    • The use of timber in Barbados: the case of the chattel house
      Steve A. Devonish
    • Wood: the cultural bridge of the Caribbean
      Nilson Acosta Reyes
    • Promoting the rescue of a misunderstood heritage
      Iris de Mondesert
    • Dominica’s architectural heritage in transition: authentic vs aesthetic
      Elise Johnston-Agar
    • The glories of pre-colonial timber construction of the Guianas and Caribbean William Harris
    • The folk architecture of Saint Kitts and Nevis
      Suzanne Gordon
    • Saint Lucia’s wooden urban heritage
      Duane Marquis
    • Protecting the wooden urban heritage in Trinidad and Tobago
      Vel A. Lewis
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