n°13 - November 2004
Linking Universal and Local Values: Managing a Sustainable Future for World Heritage

Papers: Linking Universal and Local Values: Managing a Sustainable Future for World Heritage
  • Preface: Francesco Bandarin
  • Introduction: Eléonore de Merode, Rieks Smeets and Carol Westrik
  • Welcome Addresses
  • Background and Thematic Studies
    • How World Heritage Sites Disappear: Four Cases, Four Threats
      Cor Dijkgraaf
    • Linking Universal and Local Values for the Sustainable Management of World Heritage Sites
      Eric L. Edroma
    • Community-Based Legal Systems and the Management of World Heritage Sites
      Albert Mumma
    • Managing World Heritage Cultural Landscapes and Sacred Sites
      Mechtild Rössler
    • Local Involvement and Traditional Practices in the World Heritage System
      Sharon Sullivan
  • Regional and Case StudiesAfrica
    • La participation communautaire à la gestion du site de la falaise de Bandiagara : « Ecotourisme en Pays Dogon »
      Lassana Cissé
    • Le Hogon d’hier à aujourd’hui : les pérégrinations de la chefferie traditionnelle dans le pays des Dogons au Mali
      Mamadi Dembele
    • Community Conservation Services: Experiences from Serengeti National Park, United Republic of Tanzania
      Justin Hando
    • Anchoring African Cultural and Natural Heritage: The Significance of Local Community Awareness in the Context of Capacity-Building
      Dawson Munjeri
    • Traditional and Customary Heritage Systems: Nostalgia or Reality? The Implications of Managing Heritage Sites in Africa
      Webber Ndoro
    • Contribution des sites sacrés à la conservation et à la gestion durable de la biodiversité et des valeurs socio-culturelles : le cas de la Côte d’Ivoire
      Martine Tahoux-Touao
    Arab States États arabes
    • Traditional Systems of Land-Use in the Middle East: The Hima System and Mountain Terraces
      Faisal Abu-Izzedin
    • Projet-pilote « Sauvegarde et développement des villes du patrimoine mondial en Mauritanie » : exemple d’une coopération tripartite UNESCO–Gouvernement mauritanien–Banque mondial
      Anna Sidorenko
    Asia and Pacific
    • Vanuatu Cultural Centre’s Fieldworker Network: Capacity-Building from Inside Out
      Tim Curtis
    • Role of the Maori in New Zealand’s World Heritage Management
      Tumu te Heuheu
    • Case Study for the Protection of Living Heritage in India: The North Karanpura Valley
      Bulu Imam
    • Partnerships for Empowered Participation: Mainstreaming a Community-Based Paradigm for World Heritage Management
      Beatrice Kaldun
    Europe and North America
    • Involving Aboriginal People in Site Management
      Christina Cameron
    • Stelling van Amsterdam – Defence Line of Amsterdam: Built to Protect People, Sustained to Connect People
      Caroline Smook
    • An Operational View of Managing World Heritage Sites in Canada
      Josie Weninger
    Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Archaeology and Community Development at the World Heritage site of Copán, Honduras
      Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle
    • Site Management and Partnerships: The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Experience
      Alfredo Arellano-Guillermo
    • Natural Heritage in Suriname and its Benefits for Local Communities
      Bryan C. Drakenstein
    • Proposed World Heritage Cultural Landscape and the Involvement of Local Communities: Pintoscayoc, a Case Study in Quebrada de Humahuaca
      María Isabel Hernández Llosas
    • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia: Indigenous Territories in a Complex Scenario
      Juan Mayr
    • Role of Local Communities in the Management of World Heritage in Argentina: The Case of Cueva de las Manos
      María Mercedes Podestá and María Onetto
  • Conclusions and Recommendations of the Conference
    • Linking Universal and Local Values: Managing a Sustainable Future for World Heritage (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 22–24 May 2003)
    • L’union des valeurs universelles et locales: la gestion d’un avenir durable pour le patrimoine mondial (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas, 22–24 mai 2003)
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