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Employment and internships
at the World Heritage Centre

The World Heritage Centre is part of UNESCO. If you’re interested in working at UNESCO or the World Heritage Centre, you can see what opportunities are available by consulting the Employment section of the UNESCO website, find out how to apply, and learn about the recruitment process.

UNESCO, a specialized agency of the United Nations, has been pursuing a mission of dialogue and cooperation since it was founded in 1945. It covers four major fields: education, science, culture and communication. Its aim is to build peace in the world through knowledge, social progress, exchange and mutual understanding among peoples.

Employment opportunities

Candidates interested in applying to vacancies
are asked to specify the post number.

Applications without reference to post number will not be considered. For vacancies for G category, only candidates resident in France may apply.

Description Deadline Application
 Title: Responsable de projet – Initiative pour le Patrimoine Mondial Forestier d’Afrique Centrale (CAWHFI)
Domain: World Heritage
Grade: P-3
Organizational Unit: Bureau Régional Multisectoriel de l'UNESCO pour l'Afrique Centrale à Yaoundé
Primary Location: Yaounde, Cameroun
Project appointment
Post Number: 6CMWHC0001PA
28 October 2016 6CMWHC0001PA



If you would like to find out about internships,
see the Interns section of the UNESCO website.

Unfortunately, the World Heritage Centre cannot directly accept applications for internships. All applications for internships with the World Heritage Centre must be directed to UNESCO. During the application process at UNESCO, candidates can specify that they would like to work in the World Heritage Centre.

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