Historic Centre of Kraków

Nomination 29bis (inscribed minor boundary modification)
2010, 1978 Nomination file 29bis (2 MB)
Advisory Bodies Evaluations
2010 Advisory Body Evaluation (ICOMOS)
2007 Cracow’s Historic Centre, scale 1:10000
2010 Map of Inscribed Property 2010
1978 Report of the 2nd Session of the Committee
1978 02COM VIII.38 - Review of Nominations to the World Heritage List
1978 02COM VIII.45 - Review of Nominations to the World Heritage List
1979 03COM XVIIc).61 - Charter on the rights and obligations relating to towns inscribed on the World Heritage List (Cracow-Quito)
1981 05COM XII.32 - Technical co-operation requests
1981 05BUR III.14.A - Requests for technical co-operation - Technical co-operation projects recommended for approval
2008 32COM 8B.85 - Revision of Statements of Signifiance and of Statements of Outstanding Universal Value - Cracow's Historic Centre (POLAND)
2008 32COM 8D - Clarifications of property boundaries and sizes by States Parties in response to the restrospective inventory
2009 33COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of significance and of Outstanding Universal Value
2010 34COM 8B.59 - Cultural Properties - Examination of minor boundary modifications - Cracow’s Historic Centre (Poland)
2013 37COM 8B.4 - Changes to names of properties inscribed on the world heritage list : Historic Centre of Kraków
2016 40COM 8E - Adoption of Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
Periodic Reporting
2006 (Cycle 1) Section II Summary
2014 (Cycle 2) Section II