Lake Malawi National Park

Advisory Bodies Evaluations
1984 Advisory Body Evaluation (IUCN)
1983 Lake Malawi National Park Main Features
2016 40COM 7B.81 - Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi) (N 289)
2014 38COM 7B.92 - Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi) (N 289)
2013 37COM 7B.5 - Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi) (N 289)
2010 34COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2000 24COM XIV.2 - Requests for International Assistance: Training
2000 24BUR VII4 - Requests for International Assistance
1995 19COM XIIIA.1 - Requests for International Assistance: Natural Heritage
1995 19EXTBUR IVA.1.1 - Examination of requests for International Assistance - Natural Heritage - Requests recommended by the Bureau for approval by the Committee - Technical Cooperation
1995 19BUR VI.20 - Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi)
1993 17EXTBUR VA.1.2.1 - Examination of requests for International Assistance - Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi)
1986 10BUR IX.27 - Requests for technical co-operation
1984 Report of the 8th Session of the Committee
1984 08COM IXA - Inscription: Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi)
Mission reports
2014 Report on the Reactive Monitoring Mission to Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi), 30 March - 4 April 2014
1995 Mission Report, Lake Malawi National Park
Periodic Reporting
2001 Periodic Reporting Cycle 1, Section II
State of Conservation Reports by States Parties
2015 State of conservation report by the State Party / Rapport de l'Etat partie sur l'état de conservation
State of conservation reports
2016 State of conservation reports2016
2014 State of conservation reports2014
2013 State of conservation reports2013
1995 State of conservation reports1995