Durmitor National Park

Date Category Title
2005, 1980 Advisory Body Evaluation Advisory Body Evaluation
1980 Decision Report of the 4th Session of the Committee
1980 Decision 04COM V.12 - Consideration of Item 4 of the agenda: Nominations the World Heritage List (inscribed sites)
1984 SOC Reports SOC Report1984
1984 Decision 08COM XIII.40 - State of Conservation on Four Natural Properties
1985 Decision 09COM XIIIC - SOC: Durmitor National Park (Yugoslavia)
1985 SOC Reports SOC Report1985
1987 Decision 11BUR VII27 - Technical cooperation
1987 Decision 11COM X25 - Requests for International Assistance
1988 Decision 12COM XIII58-59 - Requests for International Assistance
1991 Decision 15BUR VI.47 - Durmitor National Park (Yugoslavia)
1991 SOC Reports SOC Report1991
1991 Decision 15COM VIII - SOC: Durmitor National Park (Yugoslavia)
1992 Decision 16BUR V.30 - Durmitor National Park (Montenegro, Yugoslavia)
1992 SOC Reports SOC Report1992
1992 Decision 16COM VIII - SOC: Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)
1993 Decision 17BUR VIII2 - Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)
1993 SOC Reports SOC Report1993
1995 SOC Reports SOC Report1995
1996 SOC Reports SOC Report1996
1996 Decision 20COM VIID.42 - SOC noted by Committee: Durmitor National Park (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro))
1997 Decision 21BUR IVB.35 - Durmitor National Park (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro))
1997 SOC Reports SOC Report1997
1997 Decision 21COM VIIC.41 - Reports on the State of Conservation of Natural Properties Noted by the Committee
1998 Decision State of Conservation Report: 1998
1998 Decision 22BUR VB.35 - Durmitor National Park (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro))
1998 SOC Reports SOC Report1998
2005 SOC Reports SOC Report2005
2005 Decision 29COM 7B.21 - Durmitor National Park (Serbia and Montenegro)
2005 Decision 29COM 8B.15 - Minor Modifications to the boundaries (Durmitor National Park )
2006 Periodic Reporting (Cycle 1) Section II Summary
2006 SOC Reports SOC Report2006
2006 Decision 30COM 7B.26 - State of Conservation (Durmitor National Park)
2007 SOC Reports SOC Report2007
2007 Decision 31COM 7B.29 - Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)
2008 SOC Reports SOC Report2008
2008 Decision 32COM 7B.19 - Durmitor National Park (Montenegro) (N 100)
2008 Map Durmitor National Park
2009 Decision 33COM 8D - Clarifications of property boundries and sizes by States Parties in response to the Retrospective Inventory
2014 Periodic Reporting (Cycle 2) Section II
2015 Decision 39COM 8E - Adoption of Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value