The main objective of this project is to discuss - in an international forum- strategies to valorize local cultural heritage resources for local development. The initiative is sponsored by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS) in the context of a scientific development-funding program. The focus of the course is on cultural heritage as a potential resource for local and regional economic impulses. In many situations tourism has become an important economic driver for local development, if not the only one. The mechanism and conditions of this process needs to be scanned.

Thanks to the support of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS) we have the opportunity to invite 20 participants with a genuine involvement in the interactive field of cultural heritage, local development and cultural tourism. Participation in this scientific course should be a source of inspiration for their current work, and have an actual impact on their future research, whether this is in policymaking or management tasks, teaching assignment or other professional involvement in this field of study.

The funding will cover all costs for travel and accommodation, participation fee and study material, and in addition a daily allowance during the time of the course. A one-day field trip to cultural heritage sites in Flanders will be included in the program.

There will be a selection procedure since the funding is limited to 20 participants. Written applications must be submitted to the organizers before the 25th of April 2009 (see instructions below). Applicants are advised to take careful note of the selection criteria and the required documents to be included for the selection procedure.