World Heritage

1 - General Policies Regarding the World Heritage Convention

1.1 - Fundamental World Heritage policies

1.1.3 - Funding

Decision of the World Heritage Committee 41 COM 14

6. Emphasizing the urgency of securing adequate financial resources to achieve the objectives of the 1972 Conventionto identify and, in particular, to conserve the world's cultural and natural heritage of Outstanding Universal Value, especially in light of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and unprecedented threats such as climate change, natural disasters, and deliberate attacks on cultural heritage in territories affected by armed conflicts and terrorism.

8. Underscoring that sustainability of the World Heritage Fund and overall funding for World Heritage are a strategic issue and a shared responsibility which concerns States Parties and relevant partners, affecting the overall credibility of the World Heritage Convention, including effectiveness and efficiency of World Heritage protection.

17. [The World Heritage Committee] underscores that the highest ethical standards and principles must be upheld in all measures to enhance fundraising to maintain and promote the integrity of the Convention.

Date (year):  2017
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