Vajrayogini and early settlment of sankhu

Date of Submission: 30/01/2008
Criteria: (iii)(iv)(vi)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Department of Archaeology
State, Province or Region:
Kathmandu District, Bagmati Zone, Central Nepal
Coordinates: N27 43 51 E85 27 50
Ref.: 5257
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The Lichchhavi period (2nd to 9th Century AD) settlement of Sankhu lies on the northeastern corner of the Kathmandu Valley on the ancient trade route to Tibet. The traditional Newari settlement still retains its medieval character with narrow streets, public squares with in dispersed tiered temples and rest houses.

The Vajrayogini temple complex constructed in the mid 17th Century is located on the flanks of the hills 1.5 km north of Sankhu. The main tiered temple dedicated to the tantic goddess Vajrayogini, is surrounded by several monuments and freestanding statues.

Statements of authenticity and/or integrity

The Vajrayogini temple complex has been maintained in its original state. Large parts of the traditional settlement of Sankhu still retain their original character, with many of the monuments having been restored over the years.

Comparison with other similar properties

The Vajrayogini Temple Complex and the early settlement of Sankhu are culturally and historically related to the Monument Zones of the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site.  "Vajrayogini and the Early Settlement of Sankhu" can be considered as a possible future extension to the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site.