Parc national du Pico da Neblina (Amazonas)

Date of Submission: 06/09/1996
Criteria: (vii)(ix)(x)
Category: Natural
Coordinates: Long. 65°15' - 66°50' WestLat. 01°North - 00°20' South
Ref.: 39
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This park (2200000 hectares) is situated in the state of Amazonas, on the frontier with Venezuela, where it is known as the Cerro La Neblina National. It contains the highest peak in Brazil (3014 m): hence its name.

It is a fine example of equatorial rain-forest and its highest slopes are shrouded in misty forest, owing to the constant high humidity. There is also a rich variety of wildlife. Furthermore, the park contains at least two Pleistocene sites, and offers areas of great scenic beauty, such as the Morro dos seis Lagos.