Caves in Kujang Area

Date of Submission: 25/05/2000
Criteria: (vii)(viii)(ix)
Category: Natural
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Korean Cultural Relics Publishing House
Coordinates: Kujang County, North Phyongan Province 39°51' N / 126°06' E
Ref.: 1426
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Caves in Kujang area are the underground karstic grottoes formed during the Quaternary of the Cenozoic Era in the limestone formations. Though their formation periods and lithological characters are same, they are different from one another in the size and scope according to the process of karstic evolution, as well as in the esthetical features according to the conditions of stalagmites and stalactites. Ryongmun Cavern begins at the height of 370 meters above sea level and there are two main caves and some 20 branches so far developed. It is an underground cave 7 kilometers long, 40 meters high (at the highest place) and 3~ 4 meters wide in average, which has various forms of gorgeous stalagmites and stalactites bearing mysteriousness.and beauty. Paekryong Cavern begins at the height of 470 meters above sea level, and some 5 kilometers of passageway has been currently exploited. Inside the cave various forms of animal figures, stone falls and columns exhibit breathtaking scenery, exciting manly feeling by its fascinating yet brisk appearance. Kaechon Flower Cave spreads out a "sea of flowers" by the stone flowers formed in the limestone formation, mostly containing mineral ores. The cave is characterized by its soft, beautiful and gorgeous appearance. Songam Cave consists of one main passageway and several branches with mysterious figures of stalagmites and stone flowers.