Vilnius Historic Centre

Date Category Title
1990 Decision 14COM VII.17 - Nominations Not Considered: El Vizcaino (Mexico) & Vilnius and Old Nissa (USSR)
2012, 1994 Advisory Body Evaluation Advisory Body Evaluation
1994 Decision Report of the 18th Session of the Committee
1994 Mission reports Report of the Mission to the Historic Centre of Vilnius, 20-25 January 1994
1994 Decision 18COM XI - Inscription: Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania)
1995 SOC Reports SOC Report1995
1995 Decision 19COM VIIC.2.41/43 - SOC: Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania)
1996 Decision 20BUR IV.7 - Vilnius Old Town (Lithuania)
1996 SOC Reports SOC Report1996
1996 Decision 20EXTBUR A1.2 - Annex 7-International Assistance requests approved by the Bureau-Lithuania
1996 Decision 20COM VIID.68 - SOC noted by Committee: Vilnius Old Town (Lithuania)
1997 SOC Reports SOC Report1997
1997 Decision 21BUR IVB.47 - Historic City of Vilnius (Lithuania)
1997 Mission reports Report on the ICCROM Mission to the Vilnius Historic Centre: Conservation of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis and St. Bernardine, 1-5 October 1997
1998 Decision State of Conservation Report: 1998
1998 SOC Reports SOC Report1998
1998 Decision 22COM VII.43 - Reports on the State of Conservation of Cultural Properties Noted by the Committee
1999 Decision 23BUR VII19 - International Assistance
2000 SOC Reports SOC Report2000
2000 Decision 24BUR IVB.78 - State of conservation
2005 SOC Reports SOC Report2005
2005 Decision 29COM 7B.79 - Old Town of Vilnius
2005 Decision 29COM 7B.79 - Old Town of Vilnius (Lithuania)
2006 Periodic Reporting (Cycle 1) Section II Summary
2006 SOC Reports SOC Report2006
2006 Decision 30COM 7B.86 - State of Conservation (Vilnius Historic Centre)
2008 SOC Reports SOC Report2008
2008 Decision 32COM 8B.62 - Examination of nominations and minor modifications to the boundaries of naturel, mixed and cultural properties to the World Heritage List - Vilnius Historic Centre (LITHUANIA)
2008 Decision 32COM 7B.99 - Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania) (C 541)
2009 SOC Reports SOC Report2009
2009 Decision 33COM 7B.112 - Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania) (C 541)
2011 SOC Reports SOC Report2011
2011 Decision 35COM 7B.98 - Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania) (C 541)
2012 Map Vilnius Historic Centre - Map of the World Heritage property
2012 Decision 36COM 8B.61 - Cultural Properties - Examination of minor boundary modifications - Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania)
2013 Mission reports Report of the ICOMOS Advisory Mission to Vilnius Historic Centre (Lithuania), 2-5 April 2013
2013 SOC Reports SOC Report2013
2013 Decision 37COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2013 Decision 37COM 7 B.103 - Omnibus Decision
2013 Periodic Reporting (Cycle 2) Section II