Asante Traditional Buildings

Date Category Title
1980 Decision Report of the 4th Session of the Committee
1996 SOC Reports SOC Report1996
1996 Decision 20BUR IV.7 - Ashanti Traditional Buildings (Ghana)
1997 Mission reports Report on the Expert mission financed by CRATerre - EAG, Asante Traditional Buildings
1997 SOC Reports SOC Report1997
1997 Decision 21EXTBUR V3 - Requests for International Assistance
1997 Decision 21COM VIIC.55 - Reports on the state of conservation of cultural properties noted by the Committee
1997 Decision 21COM X.1-2 - Requests for International Assistance
1999 Decision State of Conservation Report: 1999
1999 Mission reports Ghana, Asante traditional buildings: conservation of the bas-reliefs. Mission report, 11 to 26 May 1999
1999 SOC Reports SOC Report1999
1999 Decision 23COM XB.46 - State of conservation reports of cultural properties noted by the Committee
2001 Periodic Reporting (Cycle 1) Section II