Asante Traditional Buildings

Date Category Title
1980 Advisory Body Evaluation Advisory Body Evaluation
1980 Decision Report of the 4th Session of the Committee
1996 SOC Reports SOC Report1996
1996 Decision 20BUR IV.7 - Ashanti Traditional Buildings (Ghana)
1997 Mission reports Report on the Expert mission financed by CRATerre - EAG, Asante Traditional Buildings
1997 SOC Reports SOC Report1997
1997 Decision 21EXTBUR V3 - Requests for International Assistance
1997 Decision 21COM VIIC.55 - Reports on the state of conservation of cultural properties noted by the Committee
1997 Decision 21COM X.1-2 - Requests for International Assistance
1999 Decision State of Conservation Report: 1999
1999 Mission reports Ghana, Asante traditional buildings: conservation of the bas-reliefs. Mission report, 11 to 26 May 1999
1999 SOC Reports SOC Report1999
1999 Decision 23COM XB.46 - State of conservation reports of cultural properties noted by the Committee
2001 Periodic Reporting (Cycle 1) Section II