Decision : 37 COM 7A.18
Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve (Honduras) (N 196)

The World Heritage Committee,

1.  Having examined Document WHC-13/37.COM/7A;

2.  Recalling Decision 36 COM 7A.17 , adopted at its 36th session (Saint-Petersburg, 2012);

3.  Welcomes progress made towards the land titling for communities surrounding the property and in the provision of instruments designed to provide managed access to natural resources, and encourages the State Party to put in place further measures to provide greater tenure and livelihood security for indigenous communities and to ensure respect for their rights;

4.  Also welcomes the establishment of a systematic monitoring platform, ensuring a systematic and integrated monitoring effort on land use and land use changes in and around the property, and the efforts undertaken to control illegal activities;

5.  Notes with concern that new illegal settlements appeared on the property and urges the State Party to continue to deal swiftly and effectively with such incursions in full observance of the rule of law;

6.  Requests the State Party to increase its efforts to implement the corrective measures identified in Decision 35 COM 7B.31 , in particular the measures listed in paragraph 8 items b, c, e and f;

7.  Strongly urges the State Party to advance on the proposal for the property’s boundary modification, without which the corrective measures cannot be adequately implemented and the property’s Outstanding Universal Value remains at risk;

8.  R eiterates its request to the State Party to finalize, in consultation with the World Heritage Centre and IUCN, a proposal for the Desired state of conservation for the removal of the property from the List of World Heritage in Danger, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 38th session in 2014;

9.  Also requests the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 February 2014, a detailed report on the state of conservation of the property, with a particular focus on the advances related to the corrective measures and on the clarification of the property’s boundaries, particularly measures b, c, e and f mentioned above;

10. Decides to retain Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve (Honduras) on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation, List of World Heritage in Danger
States Parties: Honduras
Year: 2013
Decision Code: 37 COM 7A.18