Decision : 37 COM 7B.19
Gulf of Porto: Calanche of Piana, Gulf of Girolata, Scandola Reserve (France) (N 258)

The World Heritage Committee,

1.         Having examined Document WHC-13/37.COM/7B,

2.         Recalling Decision 36 COM 7B.19 adopted at its 36th session (Saint-Petersburg, 2012),

3.         Takes note of the fact that the gas prospection license has not been renewed so far and considers that any exploratory drilling would require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which would need to assess its potential impact on the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the property, in particular its marine ecosystems, and be submitted to the World Heritage Committee for review;

4.         Requests the State Party to develop on overall management plan for the entire property and to clarify the existing management arrangements;

5.         Notes with concern the increase in tourism pressure on the property and its possible impact on the OUV, and also requests the State Party to include in the Management Plan a sustainable tourism strategy and a set of measures to address the tourism pressure;

6.         Further requests the State Party to provide further details on the proposed construction of a new sewage treatment station for the city of Porto, and the possible enlargement of the D424 and D81 roads, in line with paragraph 172 of the Operational Guidelines;

7.         Welcomes the proposed enlargement of the Scandola Reserve and recommends that the State Party consider reflecting this enlargement into the property, following the appropriate procedures for boundary modifications as outlined in the Operational Guidelines;

8.         Requests furthermore the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre by 1 February 2016, a detailed report on the state of conservation of the property and the implementation of the above, as well as of the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation, Reports
States Parties: France
Year: 2013
Decision Code: 37 COM 7B.19