Decision : CONF 203 A.2.6
Annex 7-International Assistance requests approved by the Bureau-Cuba


A.2.6 Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Course on Financial and Institutional Capacity-Building in Urban Rehabilitation in Historic Cities (request submitted by Cuba) (US$ 30,000 requested)

The Bureau took note of the complementary nature of this course, organized in Cuba, with the one proposed by the Federal Uni versi ty of Pernambuco in Brazil.

The Bureau approved an amount of US$ 30,000 for the organization of this two-week course, which places the emphasis on funding and addresses decision-makers at the municipal level, and in particular those of World Heritage cities.

Context of Decision
Themes: International Assistance
States Parties: Cuba
Year: 1996
Decision Code: CONF 203 A.2.6