Decision : CONF 002 VIII
SOC: Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (India)

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (India)

The Committee recalled that this site had been threatened by the invasion of the Sanctuary by the people of the Bodo tribe in 1989. The Committee was concerned that there had been no response from Indian authorities to its recommendation, made in 1989 and 1990, to nominate this site to the List of World Heritage in Danger. The Committee noted that a survey undertaken by WWF of the surrounding villages might lead to a more co-operative approach to management in the future and a programme for implementing corrective measures has been suggested by members of IUCN's rhino specialist group. Members of the Committee were unanimous in their view that this site was a prime candidate for inclusion in the List of World Heritage in Danger. The Delegate from Thailand was of the view that the Committee had the authority, under Article 11, paragraph 4, to include this site in the List of World Heritage in Danger without waiting for a formal request. The Committee however, wished that the Secretariat reiterates the Committee's concern to the Indian authorities and find ways and means to obtain response for submission to the Bureau at its next session in mid-1992.


Themes: Conservation
States Parties: India
Year: 1991
Decision Code: CONF 002 VIII