Decision : CONF 002 X.A
Inscription: Kasbah of Algiers (Algeria)

Kasbah of Algiers




The Committee took note of the report presented by Mr. Beschaouch on the Kasbah and noted with satisfaction that, as requested by the Committee at its fifteenth session, a general safeguard plan for the Kasbah had been drawn up and approved. Following the decision for inscription, the Committee recommended that a special monitoring survey be carried out in liaison with the Algerian authorities for the safeguard of the Kasbah. Furthermore, the French Delegation requested that the text of the ICOMOS evaluation be modified, in accordance with the discussions already held in Carthage, so that historic events may be correctly portrayed. It is therefore requested that in the ICOMOS document (page 40 of the French version), the statement beginning with "the French occupation..." and ending with "saved a part of the city" be eliminated.

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Context of Decision
 WHC-92/CONF.002/07 Rev
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Algeria
Properties: Kasbah of Algiers
Year: 1992
Decision Code: CONF 002 X.A