Decision : CONF 003 IX
Kizhi Pogost (Russian Federation)

Kizhi Pogost (Russian Federation)

It was recalled that since 1991 ICOMOS had presented to the Committee and the Bureau reports on its involvement in the monitoring of this site and on the efforts to conserve and restore its monuments. ICOMOS reported that the legal protection of the monument and the buffer zone had been considerably improved and that a conservation professional had been assigned. The workplan for 1994 had been completed and included:

  • the installation of a system of lightning protection as part of a major reworking of fire protection and security at the site;
  • studies of wood deterioration conditions; measurement of deformations by hand and photogrammetric techniques;
  • analysis of defects to the iconostasis.
  • completion of the structural analysis is scheduled for the end of January 1995.

A short and a long-term budget and workplans had been established and ICOMOS involvement was foreseen for its implementation. In view of the financial constraints in the Russian Federation, ICOMOS recommended the following:

  • high priority be given to undertaking with the Russian and other national authorities, a full discussion of feasible alternative strategies for continued support and activity in conjunction with the already planned March 1995 concept selection meeting;
  • on-going monitoring activity be continued; and
  • other funding sources be identified and coordinated with the approved conservation plan and priority site needs.

The Committee endorsed these recommendations and requested ICOMOS in consultation with the Secretariat to implement them.


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Russian Federation
Properties: Kizhi Pogost
Year: 1994
Decision Code: CONF 003 IX