Decision : CONF 203 VIII.A.3
Deferred: Odzala National Park (and annexes) (Congo)

Odzala National Park (and annexes)



The Committee discussed whether or not the site is of only national importance and whether it possesses distinguishing features of outstanding universal value.

After a discussion with contributions from the Delegates of Niger, Benin, France and Germany, the Committee decided to defer consideration of the nominated site and to encourage the State Party to further investigate the site in relation to Ndoki National Park to the north as a potential site for nomination and agreed to invite the state Party to seek preparatory assistance for the purpose. The Committee noted IUCN's remarks on the potential of the Ndoki region in relation to the Convention. The Committee further noted that human population living within a site should not be considered incompatible with a World Heritage listing.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Congo
Year: 1995
Decision Code: CONF 203 VIII.A.3