Decision : CONF 203 XVI.1-3
Date, Place and Provisional Agenda of the Twenty-third Session of the World Heritage Committee

XVI.1 The Chairperson recalled that during the twenty-first session in Naples, Italy, Morocco had presented its candidature to host the twenty-third ordinary session of the Committee. The Delegate of Morocco informed the Committee that H.M. Government of Morocco would be pleased to host the next session in Marrakesh. The Committee thanked the Kingdom of Morocco for this generous invitation which it accepted. The twenty-third ordinary session of the Committee will be held in Marrakesh from 29 November to 4 December 1999. It will be preceded by the twenty-third extraordinary session of the Bureau, on 26 and 27 November 1999. The Delegate of Morocco then thanked the Committee for its decision.

XVI.2 The Delegate of Australia recalled that her Government had already informed the Committee of its wish to host the twenty-fourth session of the Committee in Australia.

IVI.3 The Delegate of Finland recalled that his Government had expressed the wish to host the session of the Committee in 2001.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Working methods and tools
Year: 1998
Decision Code: CONF 203 XVI.1-3