Decision : CONF 203 VII.A.2.21/14
SOC: Redwood National Park (United States of America)

VII.21 Redwood National Park (United States of America)

The Committee recalled that the Bureau at its nineteenth session reviewed a preliminary monitoring report and further information on the proposed realignment of Highway 101 near cushing Creek in Del Norte County to correct safety and operational problems. The World Heritage Centre informed the committee about new information received from the State Party that the proposed realignment of Highway 101 through Redwood National Park, as described in a new alternative by the California Department of Transportation, will result in the removal of no more than five coniferous trees including redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) greater than 36 inches in diameter. The modification of the original proposal, in which 750 old-growth redwoods would be removed, illustrates a success in protecting World Heritage values and integrity.

The Committee commended the state Party for the action taken to prevent the destruction of about 750 redwood trees requested that the World Heritage Centre be kept informed of future developments with respect to the project.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: United States of America
Year: 1995
Decision Code: CONF 203 VII.A.2.21/14