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CONF 201 VII.D.30

SOC: Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks (Canada)

VII.30 Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks (Canada)

The Committee recalled discussions held at its nineteenth session on the infrastructural developments in the "Bow Corridor" and their impact on the integrity of the site. The Canadian authorities had set up the Bow Valley Task Force, in order to prepare a study on these issues. The Canadian provided a full report in October 1996.

In addition, IUCN provided information about the resolution at the World Conservation Congress held in Montreal, Canada in October 1996, endorsing the study's findings.

The Committee commended the Canadian authorities for providing a detailed report of the Bow Valley Task Force and for taking actions on problems being faced in this small but significant portion of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage site. The Task Force Report, if implemented, would significantly shift the future management of the area in a more preservation direction. The Committee encouraged wider distribution of the lessons learnt from the Bow Valley Task Force Report.


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Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Canada
Session: 20COM