Decision : 32 COM 16.2

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined the budgetary adjustments proposed by the World Heritage Centre,

2. Authorizes the World Heritage Centre to proceed with the necessary budgetary adjustments to partially compensate the Advisory Bodies and the World Heritage Centre a total amount of USD 250,000 for the negative effects of the exchange rate between the USD and the Euro, according to the Table presented in WHC-08/32.COM/16A, paragraph 18, from the USD 639,577 unspent balance of the 2006-07 funds.

3. Also authorizes the World Heritage Centre to proceed with the additional budgetary revisions set out in the table below using the USD 389,577 balance of the unspent funds from 2006-07:

  • Reinforced monitoring mechanism                                  USD 50,000
  • ICOMOS Reactive monitoring                                         USD 120,000
  • ICOMOS State of conservation reports                             USD 60,000
  • Monitoring missions                                                      USD 70,000
  • Periodic reports                                                            USD 40,000
  • Publishing of manuals                                                   USD 49,577

4. Decides to reallocate the USD 90,000 in the current Budget line 1.2 "Studies and Evaluations" to support the development and publication of the resource manuals approved at the 31st session of the Committee and presented in Document WHC-08/32.COM/18;

5. Encourages States Parties to contribute extra-budgetary funding to support the publication of resource manuals, which play an important part in capacity building;

6. Recognizes the desirability of protecting the World Heritage Fund from the adverse effects of currency fluctuations;

7. Recommends that the General Assembly of States Parties consider paying future contributions to the World Heritage Fund using the split assessment method and percentages used for core contributions to UNESCO;

8. Strongly recommends the General Conference and the Executive Board of UNESCO to significantly increase the level of core funding to the World Heritage Centre so that adequate funding is available to support the staff necessary to enable the World Heritage Centre to effectively meet the increasing needs of this very successful and high profile Convention .

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Context of Decision
Themes: Budget
Year: 2008
Decision Code: 32 COM 16.2