Promoting protection of patrimony in Arpino (Italy)

Arpino, Italy

1-15 August 2008


In August 2008 a group of 12 international volunteers will participate in a workcamp in Arpino, in order to organize the historical site "Acropolis" and to raise awareness among the local community on the significance and importance of protection and preservation of heritage in general, the site in particular and World Heritage as a concept; The aim is to increase the sense of ownership of the local youth for their local heritage but also the degree of awareness for World Heritage preservation.

During the time of the workcamp the volunteers will clean the site and organise creative activities i.e. games and forum theatre in order to introduce the reflections above.

The concrete activities to preserve the acropolis have a two objectives: on the one hand they pursue a first degree aim to improve the state of the site and on the other hand they provide an opportunity for the local youth to concretely join the efforts of the international group by working together with them.

The volunteers will also write articles, take pictures and set up a documentary that will be among others published on the homepage of Arpino and they will organize as a last activity a seminar for the inhabitants of Arpino, in order to inform them about the significance of the protection of World Heritage.

The participants of the workcamp are going to learn about the history of Arpino and he history of the Acropolis, they are going to be sensitised to issues relating to the protection of World Heritage in order to be able to forward their knowledge.


- contribute to the protection, promotion and prservation of cultural heritage sites;

- sensitise the international volunteers around issues connected to World Heritage: linking local action with global reflection;

- sensitise the local population as well as the local, regional and national authorities in connection with the WH sites about the relevance of the site under various perspectives.

Organisation responsible for the project

YAP- Italia

Local partners

Arpino Municipality and Mountain Community

Strategic objectives
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication