Preservation of the Historic Town Centre of Morelia (Mexico)

Morelia City, Michoacan State, Mexico

16 July-4 August 2008


Vive Mexico together with the local government Institute for Youth Development of the City of Morelia (IJUM) are working together to promote the active participation of the youngsters in activities where the youth can be a change agent and an active member of the community. Under this frame a group of International Volunteers will be involved in differen activities in the city of Morelia together with local youngsters of Morelia to preserve the historical downtown giving maintenance to the fountains of the historical downtown of the city and the front of historical buildings.


- To contribute to the protection, promotion and preservation of World Heritage site through activities that  preserve the good state the historical downtowns of Morelia city.

- To sensitise the international volunteers local youngsters around issues connected to World Heritage through their active involvement in the project activities.

- Realize workshops to discuss about the importance of preserving World Heritage in the planet as a legacyof our global history and to create awareness among the youngsters about the importance to understand this theme and moreover to participate actively in the initiatives to preserve this historical and cultural sites in their countries and in the world

Organisation responsible for the project

Vive Mexico

Local partners

IJUM (Instituto de la Juventud Moreliana)

Strategic objectives
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication