Ancient City of Lviv: crossroads of the trade routes and cultures (Ukraine)

Lviv (Halychyna), Ukraine

20 July- 3 August 2008


The project will have a strong study part devoted to the World Heritage. International participants will be asked to prepare and bring with them information about the inscribed or proposed World Heritage Sites which are located in their home countries as preparation for the discussions and reflections on issues related to the World Heritage.

The volunteers will be living and working on the territory of the Historical Centre of Lviv City. They will be involved in performing wide variety of tasks aiming at preservation and restoration of the parts of Ensemble of the Historic Centre:

-painting, masonry works, not requiring high skills and qualifications.


- contribute to the protection, promotion and preservation of World Heritage site of the Ensemble of the Historic Centre of the Lviv City

- sensitize international volunteers taking part in the project around issues connected to World Heritage: linking local action with global reflection

- sensitize the local population of Lviv city as well as the local, regional and national authorities in connection with the World Heritage site about the relevance  of the site under various perspectives

Organisation responsible for the project

Ukranian Association for Youth Co-operation Alternative-V

Local partners

Lviv City State Administration, Lviv regional youth labour centre, Local volunteers, Lviv Community

National Partners

Ministry for Family, Youth and Sport of Ukraine

International partners

CCIVS, International volunteers

Strategic objectives
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication