Higher education

Higher education is crucial to the long-term preservation of World Heritage sites. As the World Heritage List grows, there is an urgent need for qualified professionals to manage every aspect of the sites, from conservation and preservation to tourism and interaction with local communities.

The World Heritage Centre develops relationships with universities that are committed to research and education for the protection, conservation and management of cultural and natural heritage through the international network entitled Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage (click here for the leaflet).

There are two ways to become affiliated to this network: individually or institutionally.

Individual a ffiliation (Spanish version , French Version ) to this network is free and simple. Academic staff, researchers, heritage professionals and students (above Masters level) may join the network on an individual basis. Individual members receive the FUUH monthly electronic newsletter informing them about worldwide news on natural and /or cultural activities. As an interactive communication tool, they are invited to send news about their respective activities, provided that they relate to heritage. These news are reflected in the next FUUH newsletter, thus providing members instant worldwide dissemination and visibility.

Institutional affiliation is made through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO and a University agree to work together in a spirit of cooperation to reinforce links between their institutions, and contribute to World Heritage research and knowledge .

This is accomplished through activities such as :

  • joint or team research projects
  • student or academic staff exchanges
  • consultancy services
  • organization of meetings
  • sharing documentation and information.

Universities interested in working with the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO through signing a Memorandum of Understanding can contact the World Heritage Centre.