the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Date Category Title
1979 Decision 03COM I.1 - Introduction
1979 Decision 03COM VI.18 - Report by former Chairman and Rapporteur on activities undertaken during the period September 1978-October 1979 and Action to be taken thereon
1979 Decision 03COM XII.46 - Consideration of Nominations to the World Heritage List
1979 Decision 03COM XVII.b).60 - Emergency assistance for the Natural and Culturo-historical region of Kotor (Yugoslavia)
1980 Decision 04COM V.12 - Consideration of Item 4 of the agenda: Nominations the World Heritage List (inscribed sites)
1986 Decision 10BUR IX.27 - Requests for technical co-operation
1986 Decision 10COM XI.33 - Requests for International Assistance
2005 Periodic Reporting Section I (Summary)[0.034mb]
2006 Decision 30COM 8B.9 - Changes to Names of Properties (Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region)
2008 Decision 32COM 8B.49 - Examination of nominations and minor modifications to the boundaries of naturel, mixed and cultural properties to the World Heritage List - Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region (FORMER YUGOSLAVIC REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA)
2009 Decision 33COM 8B.40 - Mixed properties - Examination of minor boundary modifications - Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
2012 Decision 36COM 8B.33 - Cultural Properties - Archaeo-astronomical Site – Kokino (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,)
2014 Decision 38COM 7B.58 - Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) (C/N 99ter)
2014 Periodic Reporting Section I [0.272mb]
2015 Decision 39COM 8E - Adoption of Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value