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33,000 USD
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ID Approved Date Title Step
1129 March 23, 1999 Signage on-site within the Taxila Museum Complex concerning the World Heritage Convention and its relation to the Taxila World Heritage Site.
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Director
Approved Amount: 5,000 USD
Amount Implemented: 5,000 USD
Balance Available on Request: 0 USD
Decision Date: Mar 23, 1999
Previous Id: 1999-120
Type: conservation
Category: culture
795 December 9, 1995 Vegetation control at the World Heritage site of Taxila (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Bureau
Approved Amount: 28,000 USD
Decision Date: Dec 9, 1995
Previous Id: 1996-069
Type: conservation
Category: culture