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Periodic Reporting Europe, Presentation and discussion of sub-regional reports on Section I and II

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Lunchtime meeting during 30th session of the World Heritage Committee


  1. Introduction and Background: 
    Presentation by Ms Mechtild Rössler,
    World Heritage Centre
  2. Nordic and Baltic European Region:
    Presentation by Ms Kris Endresen,
    Nordic World Heritage Foundation
  3. Western European Region:
    Presentation by Mr Christopher Young,
    Rapporteur of Working Group
  4. Mediterranean European Region:
    Presentation by Mr Manuel Guido
  5. Central and South Eastern European Region:
    Presentation by  Mr Tamas Fejerdy, Chair of the Working Group
  6. Eastern European Region:
    Presentation by Mr Irakli Metriveli/Mr Igor Makovetsky
  7. Best practice: an example of cartographic presentations of World Heritage sites
    Ms Isabelle Longuet (France)
  8. Discussion:
    The Action Plan for Europe: towards long-term perspectives for World Heritage conservation
jeudi 13 juillet 2006
jeudi 13 juillet 2006