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État partie : Mongolie

Dernière révision : 23/11/2015
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Sacred Mountains of Mongolia 23/11/2015 C
Desert Landscapes of the Mongolian Great Gobi 19/12/2014 N
Cretaceous Dinosaur Fossil Sites in the Mongolian Gobi 19/12/2014 N
Eastern Mongolian Steppes 19/12/2014 N
Amarbayasgalant Monastery and its Surrounding Sacred Cultural Landscape 19/12/2014 C
Baldan Bereeven Monastery and its Sacred Surroundings 19/12/2014 C
Sacred Binder Mountain and its Associated Cultural Heritage Sites 19/12/2014 C
Funeral Sites of the Xiongnu Elite 19/12/2014 C
Archaeological Site at Khuduu Aral and Surrounding Cultural Landscape 19/12/2014 C
Deer Stone Monuments, the Heart of Bronze Age Culture 19/12/2014 C
Petroglyphic Complexes in the Mongolian Gobi 19/12/2014 C
Highlands of Mongol Altai 19/12/2014 CN


N : naturel
C : culturel
CN : mixte