Tentative List

State Party: Nepal

Last Revision: 30/01/2008
15 properties

Bhurti Temple Complex of Dailekh 30/01/2008 C
Cave architecture of Muktinath Valley of Mustang 23/05/1996 C
Khokana, the vernacular village and its mustard-oil seed industrial heritage 23/05/1996 C
Medieval Earthern Walled City of Lo Manthang 30/01/2008 C
Medieval Settlement of Kirtipur 30/01/2008 C
Nuwakot Palace Complex 30/01/2008 C
Ram Janaki Temple 30/01/2008 C
Ramagrama, the relic stupa of Lord Buddha 23/05/1996 C
Rishikesh Complex of Ruru Kshetra 30/01/2008 C
Sinja valley 30/01/2008 C
The early medieval architectural complex of Panauti 23/05/1996 C
The medieval palace complex of Gorkha 23/05/1996 C
The Medieval Town of Tansen 30/01/2008 C
Tilaurakot, the archaeological remains of ancient Shakya Kingdom 23/05/1996 C
Vajrayogini and early settlment of sankhu 30/01/2008 C


N: Natural
C: Cultural
CN: Mixed