Tentative List

State Party: Israel

Last Revision: 05/02/2015
18 properties

Arbel (arbel, nebe shueb, horns of hittim) 30/06/2000 CN
Bet She'an 30/06/2000 C
Caesarea 30/06/2000 C
Degania & Nahalal 30/06/2000 C
Early Synagogues in the Galilee 30/06/2000 C
Ein Karem, a village and its cultural landscape 05/02/2015 C
Horvat Minnim 30/06/2000 C
Jerusalem* 30/06/2000 C
Liftah (Mey Naftoah) – Traditional mountain village 05/02/2015 C
Makhteshim Country 30/09/2001 CN
Mount Karkom 30/06/2000 C
Sea of Galilee & its Ancient Sites 30/06/2000 CN
The Crusader Fortresses 30/06/2000 C
The Galilee Journeys of Jesus & the Apostles 30/06/2000 C
The Great Rift Valley - migratory routes - The Hula 15/04/2004 N
Timna 30/06/2000 CN
Triple-arch Gate at Dan & Sources of the Jordan 30/06/2000 CN
White Mosque in Ramle 30/06/2000 C


N: Natural
C: Cultural
CN: Mixed