Tentative List

State Party: Egypt

Last Revision: 03/09/2015
33 properties

Abydos, city of pilgrimage of the Pharaohs 28/07/2003 C
Alexandria, ancient remains and the new library 28/07/2003 C
Bird Migration Routes 12/06/2003 N
Dababiya 24/07/2008 N
Dahab 01/11/1994 C
Dahshour archaeological area 01/11/1994 C
Desert Wadis 12/06/2003 N
El Fayoum: Kom Aushim (Karanis), Dimai (Soknopaiounesos), Qasr Qarun (Dionysias), Batn I hrit (Theadelphia), Byahma-Medinet el Fayoum….. 01/11/1994 C
El-Gendi Fortress 01/11/1994 C
Gebel Qatrani Area, Lake Qaroun Nature Reserve 10/02/2003 CN
Great Desert Landscapes 12/06/2003 N
Helwan Observatory 03/11/2010 CN
Historic quarters and monuments of Rosetta/Rachid 28/07/2003 C
Kharga Oasis and the Small Southern Oases 03/09/2015 CN
Minia 01/11/1994 C
Mountain Chains 12/06/2003 N
Necropolises of Middle Egypt, from the Middle Empire to the Roman period 28/07/2003 C
Newibah castle 01/11/1994 C
North Sinai archaeological Sites Zone 01/11/1994 C
Oasis of Fayoum, hydraulic remains and ancient cultural landscapes 28/07/2003 C
Pharaon Island 01/11/1994 C
Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods 28/07/2003 C
Raoudha nilometre in Cairo 28/07/2003 C
Ras Mohammed 22/01/2002 N
Rutho Monastery 01/11/1994 C
Siwa archaeological area 01/11/1994 C
Southern and Smaller Oases, the Western Desert 12/06/2003 N
Temple of Hator built by Ramses III 01/11/1994 C
Temple of Serabit Khadem 01/11/1994 C
The An-Nakhl fortress, a stage on the pilgrimage route to Mecca 28/07/2003 C
The monasteries of the Arab Desert and Wadi Natrun 28/07/2003 C
Two citadels in Sinai from the Saladin period (Al-Gundi and Phataoh's island) 28/07/2003 C
Wadi Feiran 01/11/1994 C


N: Natural
C: Cultural
CN: Mixed