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Launched in 2002 in an effort to publish a series on various World Heritage subjects, the series will include: papers related to World Heritage issues; reports from seminars, workshops and meetings; and manuals aimed at facilitating the implementation of the World Heritage Convention for its various actors. This series is targeted mainly at World Heritage experts, national and local authorities and site managers.

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May 2016
Understanding World Heritage in Europe and North America Final Report on the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting, 2012-2015

What is the current status of World Heritage in Europe and North America? How do national heritage policies contribute to the protection of World Heritage properties in the ...

July 2016
Human Origin Sites and the World Heritage Convention in the Americas

The Americas were the last continents to be colonized, very recently in the two-million-year long history of humankind and were the culmination of a long progression of ...

September 2015
Human Origin Sites and the World Heritage Convention in Eurasia

The purpose of this publication and its two volumes is to present the reader with a panorama of Human Origins in Eurasia, by bringing together key papers written by leading ...

November 2014
Engaging Local Communities in Stewardship of World Heritage

Recent policy and conceptual developments in World Heritage, and in conservation generally, set the stage for new approaches that engage indigenous and local communities in World Heritage. The inclusion of communities as one of the five Strategic ...

November 2014
Human origin sites and the World Heritage Convention in Asia

Prehistoric sites are the cornerstone for research into the origins of humanity, its evolution and social development – but they are underrepresented in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We are all familiar with iconic prehistoric sites in Africa, Latin ...

August 2014
Safeguarding Precious Resources for Island Communities

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are islands of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are some of the most beautiful places on Earth, with atolls of white sand beaches, mountain ranges, historic ports and towns, and ...

May 2014
Climate Change Adaptation for Natural World Heritage Sites – A Practical Guide

There is an increasing concern worldwide over the threats posed by climate change to World Heritage properties, with negative consequences for human well-being. As the impacts ...

December 2013
Earthen Architecture in Today’s World

This publication gives an overview of the state of conservation of World Heritage earthen architecture sites as well as outlining the various activities undertaken during the first period of the WHEAP Programme. It reflects on the challenges facing ...

February 2013
Understanding World Heritage in Asia and the Pacific - The Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting 2010-2012

The World Heritage Convention aims to protect the most outstanding cultural and natural heritage places on Earth. Countries (States Parties) that have adhered to the ...

January 2013
World Heritage in a Sea of Islands - Pacific 2009 Programme

The Pacific region covers about one third of total surface area of the earth and comprises over one thousand islands and atolls. This reservoir and the wealth of cultural and natural diversity and traditional knowledge is first and foremost a ...

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