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Arasbaran Protected Area

Date de soumission : 09/08/2007
Critères: (vii)(viii)(ix)(x)
Catégorie : Naturel
Soumis par :
Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
État, province ou région :
Azerbaijan province
Coordonnées N46 42 - 47 03 E38 40 - 39 09
Ref.: 5217

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Arasbaran Protected is the 9th Biosphere Reserved in Iran which covers an area of 78560 hectares with a circumference of 134 km. The altitude varies from ca. 256 m in the northern part to 2896 m which is the highest elevation in southern part of the area. Due to the importance of the area in having a rich flora (about 1000 taxa) and fauna specially presence of rare species such as Lyurus mlokosiewiczi in 1971 was conserved and UNESCO was listed it as a wildlife refuge since 1976.

Déclarations d’authenticité et/ou d’intégrité

In addition of rich flora, presence of some endemic plant species and fauna, there are long leaved trees such as Juniperus foetidissima and endangered species such as Taxus baccata  in the area. Also in view of historical places, we can see Babak and Avarsin forts. In spite of permanent presence of tribes and domesticated animals we can find characteristics plant species in plant associations which present a stable ecosystem. There are evidences that show Dinosurus fossils are frequent in this area .For example, Dinosurus fossils have been found in Kharvanagh.

Comparaison avec d’autres biens similaires

There is not similar area in Iran.