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Date de soumission : 07/07/2000
Critères: (i)(ii)(iii)
Catégorie : Culturel
Soumis par :
Department of Antiquities and Heritage
Coordonnées 34 km south of Mosul
Ref.: 1463

Le Secrétariat de l’UNESCO et le Centre du patrimoine mondial ne garantissent pas l’exactitude et la fiabilité des avis, opinions, déclarations et autres informations ou documentations fournis au Secrétariat de l’UNESCO et au Centre du patrimoine mondial par les Etats Parties à la Convention concernant la protection du patrimoine mondial, culturel et naturel.

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Les noms des biens figurent dans la langue dans laquelle les Etats parties les ont soumis.


Nimrud was founded during the 13th century B.C. It was considered as the second capital of the Assryian Empire, known as(kalhu or kalah ), flourished during the reign of the King Ashurnasirpal. It's circumference is nealy 8 km., surrounded by a huge defensive mudbrick wall covering an area square 13 Km of 3,8 . At the south-western and south- eastern corners there constructed a height named (Accropolis) built on a terrace of mudbrick of over 40 m. high above the river level Recently, in the 1980's excavations revealed three royal tombs with marvelous treasures . Also it was discovered a (Huge Stoney wall) called a Misenat still extant of 26 foot high above the old bottom of the river. It is frontiered from the south side by An-Nugoob channel dated back to the 8th century B.C.