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Wazir Khan's Mosque, Lahore

Date de soumission : 14/12/1993
Catégorie : Culturel
Soumis par :
Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO Ministry of Education
Coordonnées 3I° 36' latitude North / 74° 2I' longitude east Located inside the Delhi Gate in the heart of the City of Lahore
Ref.: 1278

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Covering an overall area of 279 ° x 159', the mosque is entirely constructed in cut and dressed bricks laid in kankar lime with a scanty sprinkling of red sandstone in the gate and the transept. The courtyard is divided into two parts : the upper part is about 6" higher than the lower with the ablution tank in the middle. The courtyard is flanked on its east, north and south sides by 32 small hujras of different sizes. The prayer chamber on the west side is divided into five compartments by massive piers bearing wide, four centred arches and each compartment is crowned by a dome. At the northern and southern ends of the prayer chamber, a small room has been contrived in the central portion while on the eastern end there is a gallery opening into the spiral staircase lending to the roof. The main structural features of distinction are the four corner minars (minarets), the five domes and transept at the entrance gate on the east. According to two inscriptions, the mosque was built in A.H.