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[Uniquement en anglais] The Buenos Aires meeting was the first meeting organized and 46 representatives from 24 countries in the Region took part, in addition to the Advisory Bodies. For three days, focal points of the LAC regions were informed of the process leading to the preparation of the Retrospective Inventory, the Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value and the Periodic ...
Suite à la création de l'Alliance des Paysages Culturels du Patrimoine Mondial et ses conférences internationales en 2007 et 2008, cette 3e Conférence internationale vise à aborder les défis concrets de la gestion de l'eau dans les paysages culturels du patrimoine mondial tout en continuant à promouvoir et à étendre le ...
[Uniquement en anglais] Aksum Rediscovered
25 nov. 2009 - 4 déc. 2009
[Uniquement en anglais] The exhibition illustrates the re-installation of the 152-ton and 24-metre high Obelisk, as well as the town of Aksum and its people, through the work of several artists who followed the process. The opening ceremony of the exhibition at the FAO Headquarters will be held in the presence of Francesco Bandarin, Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and Mounir ...
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