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[Uniquement en anglais] A special session organised in the International Disaster Reduction Conference by the World Heritage Centre and ICCROM. The purposes of the special session were to promote the integration of the traditional knowledge systems into risk management strategies and to integrate concerns for cultural heritage into broader national and regional risk management plans.
Session spéciale sur « l'intégration des systèmes de connaissances traditionnels et l'intégration du patrimoine culturel et naturel dans les stratégies de gestion des risques » à l'occasion de la Conférence internationale sur la réduction des catastrophes. Suite à la Conférence mondiale sur la réduction des catastrophes (Kobe, janvier 2005) qui a reconnu, dans son document final ...
[Uniquement en anglais] Transforming Economies and Civilizations: The Role of Technology While open to all proposals, the program committee suggests the following themes to contributors:Energy, water, sanitary, and other utility systemsE-communication and media technologies, including cultural and social issuesTransportation and its role in trans-local and "global" economies, ...
[Uniquement en anglais] The UNESCO World Heritage Centre has been working together with the Government of China on a methodological approach for the preparation of a nomination for the cultural properties along the Silk Road to the World Heritage List. Although the network passed through China, Central/Western and South Asia and beyond, China is the only country that has placed its Silk Road ...
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